Summer You May Come, I Am Ready!

49 days left until the first day of summer. June 21st can’t come soon enough, because I am convinced I already have a vitamin D deficiency. At this moment I still don’t know where I will be spending summer, but in the meantime I can start planning what I will need when the day comes. The fact that I already saw sunscreen creams in the supermarket makes me thing that it’s acceptable and not too early. 
Preparing for summer cheers me up especially today, since I am going insane trying to transfer my current blog from Weebly to WordPress. It’s my fault that I am sweating like a monkey, I am too stubborn to read any kind of instructions that don’t get to the point within 60 seconds.  In case I fail to transfer my blog, I already have a plan B, which is to post everything from now on in both blogs.

Back to summer planning, the more pleasant part of the day. Here are some of my summer favorites.tote

Straw tote and espadrilles!



A loose dress. Although I wouldn’t wear two pieces with stripes at the same time.


Obviously a straw hats. Very handy after the beach when my hair is a complete mess.


Pretty and comfortable – one piece bathing suits.


A pair of sunny sunglasses.moccaMoccasin shoes that don’t look too clunky.

waterAaand Mineral Water Spray (for the skin not to drink). It removes perspiration, harmful salt, or chlorine. It soothes and rehydrates sun-burned or wind-chapped skin


I could pack more, but honestly a couple more of those loose dresses and I am good to go. 

What are your favorite summer accessories or cosmetics?

beachAll images retrieved from Pinterest




2 thoughts on “Summer You May Come, I Am Ready!

  1. I really like your choices. I’ve fallen in love with the NARS multi-sticks. They give such a natural glow with minimal makeup. I like soft modal dresses for an elegant breezy look. And capris! Having the air waft around my feet.

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