A Style That Never Goes Out Of Style

Ok, never say never, maybe we’ll wear metallic space suits in the future. The style I am speaking about comes from a term used to describe people with an unconventional lifestyle who have few permanent ties to any place and therefore often are wanderers and adventurers. I am thinking of Bohemians. There is no exact definition on how to define a Bohemian person, usually it’s someone who is part of an artistic or academic community, but not necessarily. Lauren Stover in her book, Bohemian Manifesto, describes 5 types of Bohemians:

  • Nouveau: bohemians with money who attempt to join traditional bohemianism with contemporary culture
  • Gypsy: the expatriate types, they create their own Gypsy ideal of nirvana wherever they go
  • Beat: also drifters, but non-materialist and art-focused
  • Zen: “post-beat,” focus on spirituality rather than art
  • Dandy: no money, but try to appear as if they have it by buying and displaying expensive or rare items – such as brands of alcohol

Do you know someone who is one of the Bohemian type? I think I may know a Dandy.

The style inspired by these people is called Boho-Chic, it’s one of my favorite. The most famous Boho-Chic ladies are: Sienna Miller, Kate Moss, Mary-Kate Olsen (btw, have you seen her engagement ring? It weighs more than her) and Nicole Richie. Less famous but my favorite Boho-Chic lady is Tatiana Santo Domingo (the wife of Andrea Casiraghi,…who is the eldest son of Carolina from Monaco….who is the daughter of Grace Kelly). She is famous for her beautiful hippie style and even has her own store called Muzungu, which translated from Swahili means wanderer or traveller. You can check out the online store here Muzungu Sisters 
What makes the online store so special special, is that it promotes fair labour practices in order to support artisan-crafted goods from around the world. 



And here comes my favorite, Tatiana

ta1 ta2 ta3

Tatiana’s image from her ‘Bacehlorette’ party shows so well her style, including her wedding dress with her French bulldog. I’m melting, it’s too cute!!

What do you think about the Boho-Chic style? Who is your favorite Bohemian style lady?

Have a great day!

Sources of images are from Pinterest and last image from Instagram.





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