My Newest Obsession

Yesterday after reading an article that for the first time in history a person has become a Trillionaire, it’s Bill Gates of course, I felt inspired and heard my inner entrepreneur telling me to start making bracelets. Usually that kind of phase lasts for about 24hours and so I jumped on my bike to get quickly some supply in order to start immediately working on it.

To be honest it’s not only Bill Gates who inspired me, I also found some very cute bracelets on Etsy that looked so adorable and somewhat easy to make that I thought to myself, I can do this. Well turns out I can’t so I wanted to show you these cute brands I found.



This bracelet is from TwoFeathersNY and I love how delicate yet elegant it looks. The style is very common now and depending on the material used, you can find this type of bracelet in almost every price range. From 5EUR at H&M to something very overpriced. Obviously, the price is reflected in the quality. It’s a nice summer accessory.

My favorite kind bracelets I found so far on Etsy are by VivianFrankDesign. The brand uses mainly Japanese silk, leather bands and tiny golden beads.


That arm’s tan makes the bracelets look even better. I like the combination of the 3 types and you can tell by just looking at it, that the quality is there.


Also their personalized necklaces are adorable. And again that tan is a great marketing strategy. Buying the product I feel I will also have the tan delivered with it.


MyTenida wore these cute bracelets in the above picture and I think collecting and playing around with them is a cute idea for the summer or to get into some summer spirit.

Do you have a favorite jewelry brand or style?

Have a wonderful day!




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