Hidden Treasures of South Italy

Today I read an article, “Why no one goes to Naples” by Beppe Severgnini who addressed why only 13% of the annual tourists who visit Italy go to the south of the country. It’s interesting, because even I have been tons of times in Italy, but never really considered going to the south. First I thought maybe it’s because of the distance, but then I read that “German airports sent 223 flights to Spain’s Balearic Islands in one week last summer, and only 17 to southern Italy.” So what’s the reason for the lack of tourism?

PUGLIA - Polignano a mare - La spiaggiaPuglia’s beaches are one of the most beautiful in Italy, than why do German tourists love so much the gray beaches of Rimini?

There are some valid reasons why less tourists go to the south, such as the bad infrastructure. The train connection between the north and south is so bad, you get the impression you time travel. Also unsuccessful marketing of the beautiful places, that are hidden in the lower part of Italy, are a reason for the low number of tourists. Also,if you’ve ever been in the north of Italy and have spoken to some locals, you most likely sensed a negative attitude towards the south and their people. But often bad rumors come from people who have never even been in the south.

mammaMaybe time travel isn’t so bad, because where else will you find an Italian Mamma preparing fresh pasta each day for her guests, if not in the south of Italy? You can check out her beautiful farmhouse in Puglia here.

Besides having beautiful beaches,Puglia also is relatively inexpensiveotrantoPuglia is full of beautiful beaches, such as the one above in Otranto a town in the region of Lecce.

Another famous place in Puglia is Bari.

bari2 bariRecently I watched an interview with two very talented Italian film makers, Gustav Hofer and Luca Ragazzi, who made a movie called Italy: Love it or Leave it. It’s about their personal tour around Italy to discover if their country has anything to offer before they abandon it to find work abroad. That made me realize that even Italians from the north don’t know what the south really is like. You can check out here their funny movie trailer and interview.

siracus siracus1 siracus2

The city above is Siracus in Sicily another treasure of the south which doesn’t receive enough attention. There are many more hidden places int he south, after all it’s Italy that has the greatest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the world

Is your country similarly divided?


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7 thoughts on “Hidden Treasures of South Italy

  1. The south of Italy is the best part! And you didn’t even mention Capri or Positano or Matera or Sicily! It has the best pizza (Naples) and sweets (Sicily)! The saying is true: If you like the north of Italy, you’ll love the south because it’s even more “Italian”!!

  2. you make me want to go visit italy so bad!! And I’m always up for visiting a place few people have experience before, it makes it that much more worthwhile! 🙂


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