Even Milan Deserves A Second Chance

Next week I will have the chance to be in Milan for the second time, and that’s a good thing. The first time I went it was January and all I can say is, that I was happy to leave. Nothing dramatic happened, except that the weather was awful. I heard that winter in Milan isn’t too pleasant, but after all I thought it’s still Italy, can’t be too bad. The first afternoon was fine, blue sky, I went on top of the cathedral it was beautiful. The second day it was snowing all day, but it wasn’t the nice fluffy snow, it was muddy snow. Nevertheless, I am willing to give Milan a second chance. 


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Bedtime Story


May 1st in most countries is celebrated as Labour Day or International Worker’s Day, a day that celebrates the achievements of the working class and therefore is a day to rest. My idea of resting is laying in bed all day long, but not just any, it should be one that makes me want to dream and think about my life in a harmonic way. Resting is important,not only on May 1st or the weekend, each nap you take or night sleep should be in a bed that refills you with positive energy. Here are some beds I would love to dive in every day. 



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