“You must not quote to me what I once said. I am wiser now.” Romy Schneider

Today I watched a documentary about Romy Schneider, who I always admired. You most likely know Romy if you ever heard of Alain Delon or the German/Austrian Sissi movies. Romy was an actress with many insecurities and an extremely sensitive personality, but her entire life even now so many admire her. Unfortunately, her life behind the scene wasn’t too gentile. She grew up in a private school and often lacked attention and love from her parents. Later in life she tried to find that affection in men, Alain Delon became the love of her life. With no happy ending, after almost 5 years of being together, Delon left her for another woman. Briefly after that she decided to get married, yet her husband was a controlling and depressed man who years later committed suicide. It doesn’t end with that, some years afterwards her 14 year old son died in an accident when he tried to climb a fence. All this broke her fragile soul when she died from heard failure at the age of 43, only 11 months after her son passed away.


“I am nothing in life, but everything on the screen” Romy

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