Can You Guess The City?

By now you probably noticed that I often mention one Italian city in particular. It’s probably because I lived there for more than a year and during that time I learned to love Italy. Do you know what city I mean?


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“Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten” Aldo Gucci

This week I will be in Florence, one of my favorite cities. Last month in my previous blog, I had several posts on the city and its most famous family – The Medici: The Birthplace of the Renaissance, What Makes Florence So Special and Virtual Tour of The Renaissance

Before Florence became a renaissance museum, it was the fashion capital of Italy. Unfortunately, Milan took over the title as Florence didn’t have an international airport. So it turns out that Florence is not only the birthplace of the renaissance but also the place of origin for many famous luxury brands.


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Hidden Treasures of South Italy

Today I read an article, “Why no one goes to Naples” by Beppe Severgnini who addressed why only 13% of the annual tourists who visit Italy go to the south of the country. It’s interesting, because even I have been tons of times in Italy, but never really considered going to the south. First I thought maybe it’s because of the distance, but then I read that “German airports sent 223 flights to Spain’s Balearic Islands in one week last summer, and only 17 to southern Italy.” So what’s the reason for the lack of tourism?

PUGLIA - Polignano a mare - La spiaggiaPuglia’s beaches are one of the most beautiful in Italy, than why do German tourists love so much the gray beaches of Rimini?

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Even Milan Deserves A Second Chance

Next week I will have the chance to be in Milan for the second time, and that’s a good thing. The first time I went it was January and all I can say is, that I was happy to leave. Nothing dramatic happened, except that the weather was awful. I heard that winter in Milan isn’t too pleasant, but after all I thought it’s still Italy, can’t be too bad. The first afternoon was fine, blue sky, I went on top of the cathedral it was beautiful. The second day it was snowing all day, but it wasn’t the nice fluffy snow, it was muddy snow. Nevertheless, I am willing to give Milan a second chance. 


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