Hi Everyone!
I am Patricia, 27 years young (although it’s starting to feel old). The blog is my new experiment, to see if I can share interesting topics and ideas that others may like. Along the way I will edit the “About” part…once I understand what that whole branding thing is about. Topics I like to speak about are the usual: travel, wine, culture (by culture I mean royal gossip), movies, wine and of course macarons. Hope you will enjoy it and don’t notice my terrible grammar- English is my third language and I am living with my Italian boyfriend. We speak in English together and most of the the time end up inventing words…but then again Shakespeare did the same and it worked out for him. So let’s embrace imperfections and globalization. If you have questions please write me. xxx


P.S.Once I will reach 10 readers, I will post some F&Q which are always my favorite page on blogs.


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